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APS PRIVILEGE is a comprehensive consulting company focusing on BOI business support.

We will respond to your request and contribute to the development of your company.

We always think about the best way

for our customers and provide a feasible solution.
We are proud of leading your project successfully.

We are BOI experts.
We can support all the specialties such as internal adjustment, management, guidance, necessary factories, machines, raw materials, managers, staff, factory managers etc.

Our specialized team emphasizes business in the world financial markets and provides quality service with accumulated knowledge and experience.

We are constantly maintaining the best environment, the best team in order to be a true partner of our customers.

We are receiving support from many Japanese companies.

We have comprehensive consulting on the Investment Committee (BOI).
Main consultation content
· Application for VISA, Workpermit
· Tax exemption application for export / import of machinery equipment,
   raw materials, parts etc
· Land acquisition of foreigners
· Purchase of foreign stocks
· Please consult us about tax payment such as VAT.
Also occur not only in BOI but also in doing business in Thailand
We also support various problems.


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