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We are Industry leader

Dish Washer

         & Ice Maker

"High Quality"

"Water Saving"

"Good Cost Performance"

We are is ambitious and very professional.

We thoroughly control the initial cost of introduction.
We will support you with fulfilling service for 24 hours.


Cost Reduction


We will reduce rental and purchase costs, making investment in your business more valuable.



Clean and safe 


High performance washing machine is clean, fast,

It boasts high safety standards and reliability.

Skills and expertise


When you have any troubles,

our knowledgeable and experienced team of engineers will be available 24 hours a day.


Fulfilling service


From introduction to after-sales after introduction, we offer a full service.

Dish Washer

We provide various types 

of Dish Washer 

Ice Maker
We provide various types of Ice Maker 

Kitchen Ware
We design, manufacture and installation of high-quality Stainless Sink.

Washing Liquid

We suggest low cost Liquid which have the high washing ability

Product Info


Maintenance of dishwasher / ice machine.
We will support machine trouble 24 hours.

We support machine trouble 24 hours.
If there is a problem the team of professional technicians will quickly come and resolve the trouble.

Consulting service and European standard automatic dishwasher.

Consulting will be done so that customers can properly operate the European standard dishwasher / ice machine.

Please contact us when you need help.

Distributor service automatic ice maker,
Supply of automatic dishwasher spare parts.

You can arrange spare parts for your machine.
Please feel free to contact us if you need help with dishwasher / ice machine.

Trading redemption - change - rent dishwasher automatic ice making machine

We sell rental service · dishwasher.
Other glass cleaner ice machine If you wish to use second hand. Please contact us.

We provide dishwasher detergent with high safety and high cleaning effect.

We provide dishwasher detergent with high safety and high cleaning effect. It is environmentally friendly and excels in cost performance. Please do not hesitate to contact us when ordering.

We will install dishwasher and icemaker in the place you want.

Cleaning machine / ice making machine We are transporting and installing stainless steel kitchen equipment. A team of skilled technicians over 20 years will quickly set up.

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